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WasteTrade, a groundbreaking online marketplace facilitating connections between waste generators, recyclers, and end-users globally, approached our design agency seeking a comprehensive overhaul of their platform.

Their goal was to enhance user experience, streamline communication between stakeholders, and establish a visually compelling interface that aligns with their innovative business model.

The primary audience included: Manufacturers: Generating waste and seeking efficient means of waste disposal or repurposing.
Recyclers: Individuals or companies interested in acquiring specific types of waste for recycling or reusing purposes.

Approach and Execution: Understanding Stakeholder Needs:
We delved into WasteTrade's existing platform, conducting interviews, user surveys, and data analysis to identify pain points and usability issues.

Defining User Journeys and Interface Enhancements: Based on insights gathered, we crafted updated user personas and journeys. Key interface enhancements included: Streamlined Navigation: Reorganised the platform for intuitive navigation, enabling users to easily find relevant information and services.

Enhanced Communication Tools: Implemented real-time chat functionalities and notification systems for quick, effective communication between waste generators and recyclers.

Visual Overhaul: Revamped the platform's aesthetics with modern design elements and a responsive layout for a visually engaging experience.

Iterative Design Process: We employed an iterative approach, gathering stakeholder feedback and conducting usability tests to tailor the design precisely to user needs.



Improved User Engagement: Users reported increased satisfaction with ease of use, leading to longer sessions and higher engagement rates.

Enhanced Connectivity: Integrated communication tools facilitated smoother interactions, reducing response times and fostering improved collaboration.

Increased User Acquisition: The redesigned platform attracted a broader user base, expanding WasteTrade's reach within the waste management industry.


The redesign of WasteTrade's online marketplace demonstrates the impact of design in enhancing user experiences and fostering connections between waste generators and recyclers. By aligning design strategies with stakeholder needs, our agency played a pivotal role in advancing WasteTrade's mission to transform waste management practices globally.


Increase the brand presence


  • Style exploration
  • Identity development
  • Visual language + Art direction
  • Brand guidelines

Increase the website traffic


  • Marketing website
  • Newsletter modules
  • Design system
  • Product Images

Improve the web performance of the marketplace as well as the marketing site.


  • Front-end development
  • Website development
  • Custom WordPress CMS implementation
  • Quality assurance

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